Scrunchie,Velvet,Tie-dye,Zipper,/boxmaking1585622.html,Hidden,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$4,,Premium,Pocket,Multicolor $4 Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Velvet Tie-dye Multicolor Scrunchie Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Multicolor Scrunchie Velvet 67% OFF of fixed price Tie-dye Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Multicolor Scrunchie Velvet 67% OFF of fixed price Tie-dye $4 Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Velvet Tie-dye Multicolor Scrunchie Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Scrunchie,Velvet,Tie-dye,Zipper,/boxmaking1585622.html,Hidden,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,$4,,Premium,Pocket,Multicolor

5 ☆ very popular Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Multicolor Scrunchie Velvet 67% OFF of fixed price Tie-dye

Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Velvet Tie-dye Multicolor Scrunchie


Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Velvet Tie-dye Multicolor Scrunchie

Product description

Color:Tie dye rose

Warm heart hidden zipper pocket
●can accommodate small gifts and small surprises
●creating a simple and convenient life for you to have a unique experience!

Tie-dye :
● a new element of the trend, unique, colorful and individual.
●Choose different accessories and create different yourself.

Product Size:
●inner diameter 5cm/1.9inch
●outer diameter 12cm/4.7inch,
the size is slightly changed, it is elastic, not loose, not tight, and does not hurt the hair.

●The high-quality velvet material is soft and comfortable.
●Laser cloth

Create your own style:
● A variety of colors, each matched to create a stylish and beautiful hairstyle, suitable for curly hair, straight hair, meatball head, ponytail
● It can be worn on the wrist, according to different life or work scenes (fitness, party, birthday party, concert, Film festival, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc.), choose different colors or create different combinations.

Scrunchies can be washed by machine or hand.

roller hair sticking device
●1pcs Portable roller hair sticking device
●using TPR glue, good adhesion, easy to remove hair, dust, debris, etc.
●retractable design
●lipstick-like elegance, easy to carry
●It can be washed and reused again, keeping you away from small troubles.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Hidden Zipper Pocket Premium Velvet Tie-dye Multicolor Scrunchie

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