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WitBuy Women's Satin Robes for Silky Spasm price Bathrobe and Bride favorite Wedding

WitBuy Women's Satin Robes for Wedding Silky Bathrobe Bride and


WitBuy Women's Satin Robes for Wedding Silky Bathrobe Bride and

Product Description


WitBuy Satin Kimono Robe Short Silk Bathrobe for Bride and Bridesmaid Nightgown

Our short satin pure kimono robe made of soft and smooth imitated silk, which will give you a comfortable experience

Satin material and rhinestones design look pretty, gorgeous for wearing on wedding day

Perfect for bride bridesmaid getting ready on wedding party (getting hair amp; makeup ), wearing around the house (after a shower or just to lounge in), having a sleep, dressing while traveling

Photo Reviews

bride bridesmaids robes


  • X-Small: Kimono Length--34.25" Bust--43.3" Sleeve Length--11.02" Belt Length--66.93"
  • Small: Kimono Length--35.8" Bust--45.67" Sleeve Length--11.02" Belt Length--66.93"
  • Medium: Kimono Length--35.8" Bust--48.82" Sleeve Length--11.02" Belt Length--66.93"
  • Large: Kimono Length--37.4" Bust--51.97" Sleeve Length--11.81" Belt Length--70.87"
  • X-Large: Kimono Length--37.4" Bust--55.12" Sleeve Length--11.81" Belt Length--70.87"


3 Style for wedding party-- "Maid of Honor" "Bride" "Bridesmaid"

Satin material amp; Rhinestone design--look pretty and elegant

Cute amp; Meaningful: perfect for taking getting ready photos as memory on wedding day


3 style on the back


Removable Belt for Better Fit

inside tie

Inside Tie for Closure


Soft Silk Satin Fabric

Modal cotton pure long satin Floral Satin short floral Ledggings plush robe
Long Robes Satin Robes Floral Robes Floral Robes Women's Leggings Fleece plush robe

WitBuy Women's Satin Robes for Wedding Silky Bathrobe Bride and

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