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WZRELB 35% OFF Reliable 2500W New color Pure Sine Wave 48V Inverter Power 11 Solar

WZRELB Reliable 2500W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter 48V 11


WZRELB Reliable 2500W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter 48V 11

Product description

Size:2500W 48V

About us:
Professional manufacturer of pure sine wave inverter for 8 years. Original factory, provide the reasonable price and high quality and fast response to your questions within 24 hours.

Product details:
DC input: 48V
DC input range: 42V-60V
No Load Current Draw: 1A
AC output: 120V
AC Regulation:3%
Frequency: 60Hz
Socket:15a USA type Low Voltage Alarm:43V-45V
Low Voltage Shut Down: 41V-43V
Over Load: shut off, recover manually
Over Voltage Shut Down:61V
Over Thermal: Shut Off Output Automatically, Over voltage protection
Cooling Ways: Cooling Fan will run when the temperature is over 50 degree

1. Please use the standard battery cables we sent, or a full power output may not be guaranteed. And the fuse are just spare parts.
2. Please do not connect the inverter with the grid power, and a reverse connection of positive and negative is also forbidden.
3. Please do not overload. If your applications are inductive loads, please choose the inverters whose continuous power is 3-7 times higher than the watts of your appliances. If you want to power up a refrigerator, we suggest you use 10 times higher power inverter.
4. Please turn off the load first then turn off the inverter. And as there is a soft start function, please turn on the inverter first then turn on your loads, or the output may not stable at the first seconds.
5. For a red light flashing, it is a kind reminder to note you the input voltage is a bit high, you can regardless of it. If the input is too high, the inverter will shut down automaticly.
6. The output voltage can be adjusted in a little range.
7. The inverter have no auto restart function, if it is stopped because of your battery is out of power, you need to restart it by hand after fully charged your battery.

WZRELB Reliable 2500W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter 48V 11

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